Impressions from Turkish Students

We reached the hotel at night. Here they welcomed us very nicely. We slept after a short introduction. The first day they talked about the project. It introduced a weekly plan. Countries were introduced. The next day we played a crossword game. And we went to the three shepherds’ village. We received souvenirs. We came back to the school by train. We visited the school. We started to work on the play with the message against violence. Groups were formed and theatre texts were prepared. Roles were shared. The next day we worked all day at the play. We returned to the hotel tired at the end of the day and had fun. We wandered on our own. We visited the church nearby. We witnessed the rituals of their religion closely. Next day we went to Nazare. Gorgeous beach, we saw the beach. We reached the hotel at night. Here they welcomed us very nicely. We also went to the Mira de Aire cave. The cave was very nice. The next day we made our culture shown to each other. We taught them about our culture. We played games together. We laughed a lot and had fun. We made a collective image. And we said goodbye. This farewell was very emotional and sad. We had at the hotel the farewell dinner. Speeches were made. We were given presents. In the morning we left the hotel after an emotional goodbye. And we set out to return home. This project was a great chance for me and my friends and it was a very nice moment. Our days passed very entertaining and instructive. Different religions, it was a great honour for us to get to know different cultures. That means one great and valuable week.

When we arrived to the hotel, my housemate was waiting for me. We went home and met with Andrea’s family. After that, we went out and she described the city. We talked about our cultures and countries.
Next morning, we went to school. After the presentation of Romania, we read poems about against violence. I made traditional mask with my team. On the second day, we went to a farm. It was natural place. We made pottery. At the baking time, everybody made bread for themselves. We did sport activities and we ate traditional shepherd’s products. On the third day, we visited the Bran Castle. It was too long travel. It was a museum. We took lots of photos. It was a historical place. We left for Brasov. We visited the Black Church but we couldn’t get inside. Brasov city is like Bulvar Mall. On the fourth day, we introduced our traditional food. Some friends worked in the kitchen; I worked on the computer for traditional menus. All the food was delicious. We showed our traditional dances. After that, we got certificates. In the evening, we went to a Turkish restaurant. On the last day, we went to hotel and said goodbye to everyone. We left from the city to the airport.
It was incredible for me. I learned about different cultures, I met new people. I improved my language. Thanks for everything!

Hi, I am Yasin. I had the chance of being in this project with the help of Alpaslan KUKUL. I went abroad for the first time in my life. It was an amazing experience for me. But I had a little difficulty at the beginning so I joined the group later. I made a lot of new friends. All of them were sincere and warm. I chatted with them and I learned about different cultures. I feel lucky for being a part of this project. Thanks to everybody.

My name is Furkan ÖZ, I went to Portugal with the Erasmus Plus project. I was going abroad for the first time but I was not excited. My host was waiting for me at the hotel. We met and we went home. My host’s name is Nelson.
Day 1: We got up early in the morning to go to school. He talked about the project. We introduced our country. We solved the puzzle in the city after lunch and we toured the city with a small train. I liked to see a different country. The people were polite and good. We returned home in the evening and we went to a birthday party. We had a fun time.
Day 2: We got up early in the morning and we met at school. We went to a cave. The name of the cave was Mira De Aire, a very big cave. It was the first time I went into a cave. We did shopping outside. We went to the zoo and had dinner. We returned home with Nelson. We had dinner again. I chatted with Nelson’s family.

Day 3: We went to school early in the morning. We chose the logo of the project, we wrote a play against violence. We went to the Atlantic Ocean by bus. The beach was clean and very quiet. There was a market along the way. We returned to Nelson’s house and we went to a cafe. He played songs on his guitar. It was a fun evening.
Day 4: We went to school early in the morning. We prepared the theatre play against violence. We ate the school cafeteria. We did sport games at school. So it was fun for me. We went back to the house.
Day 5: We met at school in the morning. Each country made a show. I played the guitar. Certificates were distributed. We returned to the hotel, I thanked Nelson. I’m happy to see different places.

Hi, I am Bahadır Paşaoğlu. I went with the Erasmus project in Romania. We boarded the plane on 13 March, we came to Romania. We went down to Bucharest airport; we boarded the bus and went to Pitesti. Luchian and his family welcomed me.
DAY 1: We went to school in the morning. I met other people. The project activities included reading poems against violence and theatre performances were held before we went to lunch. We went to back school and we made traditional masks.
DAY 2: We met at the hotel at 8.30 am. We went to a workshop in the forest; we made small vases and baked bread. We ate lunch and did sports activities, then we returned home.
DAY 3: At 7.30 in the morning we went to the meet Dracula at the Bran Castle. We did shopping at the Bran Castle and after we went to have lunch. We went to the Black Church and took photos. Then we returned home by bus.
DAY 4: In the morning at 9 o’clock we met at school. Traditional dishes were prepared and it was made an international menu list. Traditional songs were sung and traditional dances were performed.

DAY 5: We met in front of the hotel. Luchian and I said goodbye. Then we went to the airport by bus and went to Turkey by plane.

When we arrived to hotel I was so excited, my housemate was waiting for me with his family. They took me then we went to their old but cute home. All the way we tried to know each other with Costi. He told me about the old buildings and their cultural life. I met with his family, they were so modest and hospitable I felt like they accepted me like their second son and this feeling was really important for me. Next morning we went to Costi’s school. At first I think I acted so shy because that was my first experience. Romanian students introduced us the Romania We read poems against violence then we made teams to make a traditional mask. On the second day we went to a farm. It was definitely different oxygen. It was a natural and organic place. We made pottery and we really had fun, that was my dirtiest but best day ever then everybody made bread for themselves. I have never given form to dough before. We played at playground then we ate traditional shepherd products. On the third day we visited the Bran Castle after the too long bus ride. It was a historical place and I should say that the Bran Castle looked so imposing. We took a lot of photos after that we left for Brasov. We visited The Black Church but we couldn’t see inside because it was too late for visit then we left to take souvenirs at Brasov’s stores. On the fourth day we introduced our traditional foods. Some friends worked on the computer and the others worked in the kitchen. I fried eggplants. All the food was delicious. After that part we showed our traditional dances that were really fantastic. At the end we took certificates then we left home. My housemate and his family gave me some gifts and barbecued for me, that was the best surprise I’ve ever seen. On the last day, we went to the hotel to take our friends and say goodbye to everyone. After all this we left the city for Istanbul.
I am a language student and this was my best experience for my education. I met new people. I saw different cultures. I felt like I was born this way, being a good linguist, love to meet new friends and new cultures. Thanks for everything!

I’m Demre Eliz Keçeci. I am one of the nine students who travelled to Romania with the Erasmus Plus Project. İn the morning we set off on March 13. İn the evening of March 13th we were in Pitesti.
We stayed at the hotel. We had breakfast with our teachers. Then, we went to school. Comments were made about our project, read poems. Everyone was very friendly. We were separated into groups. With our group we wrote paragraphs against violence. After eating lunch, we made traditional masks. Then we had free time.
After breakfast we went to Cosesti. We passed the houses through the village houses. I’ve seen a lot of churches. We arrived to the studio in the woods. Here we separated groups and we made pottery. After that we made bread and we ate it. After lunch, we did sport activities. We tasted traditional dishes. We saw the traditional shepherd’s clothes. In the evening we returned to Pitesti. We went to dinner with our teachers.
We left to go to Bran Castle early in the morning. We saw on the way the colourful houses. We arrived at the end of a long road to Bran Castle. Our guide told us the history. The stuff in the castle was very cool. After lunch, we went to the city of Brasov. We saw the Black Church; we passed on the narrowest Street in Europe. İn Brasov we went around.
İn the morning we went to school. We cooked a Romanian traditional meal- sarmale. Then each country had its own traditional food. We tasted these dishes, and all of them were delicious. After lunch, each country performed their own traditional dances. Each dance was very fun and it was nice. Then, we received our certificates. We were sad because it was our last day.
We came by bus to the Henri Coanda Airport. From there, we were back to our country. The people of Romania were friendly and helpful. Everyone was respectful to each other. The streets were very clean. We are satisfied with this project. Thanks for everything!

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