Impressions from Portuguese Students

My experience with the program Erasmus + was really good. I wasn’t expecting to be so attached to the people we meet and to make awesome friends. The things we learn and saw and the things we did will always stay in my heart. It would be really cool if we, in the future, did a meet up to re-live the great moments we had. I made friendships that will never be forgotten. So I have to thank the school for this amazing opportunity that was given to me and to my colleagues, not just to be able to try to stop bullying but also to make these great friends.
Beatriz Oliveira

Our trip to Romania for one week passed quickly. It was a unique experience where we knew a new culture and also practiced our English. We did several group activities practising English and making new friends.
Valeria Sirbu

My experience in Romania was something great, because it gave to know a new culture, a new language and develop our English. Although I did not much like the country, I loved the trip because we knew people from different countries (Romania and France). My favourite part was when each country danced their dances and everybody danced and when we made the masks. It was very funny. I liked to do things in clay, had never done and it’s always an experience that stays with me. The part I liked least was when we went to Dracula’s castle, because we had another expectation. If I could return to repeat.
Catarina Rodrigues

The project Erasmus+ based on the theme “Stop Violence at School” was a good experience where we learnt more about different cultures, since yours language, your religions, your habits, or even ways they think. This project was good too for us to respect more all the differences in the world and valorize our country and our nationality. And with this project I certainly learnt more English.
Cátia Frias

My experience in Romania was good because I practiced the English language and this was great and this opportunity is great to meet people with different cultures. I really enjoyed interacting with people from different countries, it was an interesting experience and I loved this experience.
Marisa Pimpão

The experience of the Tourism class of 2nd year had in Romania was very productive, where we met a new country, a new culture, habits and customs, and for some it was the first time they have put their feet in a plane! The week itself was interesting, we experience new cuisine, met new guys, we saw people who had already formed bonds of friendship and created new ones. We were well welcomed , we made interesting cultural or historic visits as the case of Dracula’s Castle, where we thought it was one thing but after all it was another ahah xD. We all laughed because there was no “time” to be mad at each other and at the time of departure, like always a river of tears… In my opinion, everything went well! We did not lose the flight, no one decided to stay back and better yet, no one has lost their luggage ahahah ; )
David Vieira

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