Impressions from French Students

Hi guys and gals, I’m Lucas
For me the trip to Romania was so enriching!
This was indeed a nice experience: I met very nice people during the trip. I found out it wasn’t that difficult to get along with the students from Romania and Portugal. Now I can say I have Romanian, Portuguese and Turkish friends.
I could taste traditional dishes at my host family.
I could visit different places of interest, for example the Transylvanian castle.
The last two days in Romania, I stayed with my schoolmates in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania where I could see the impressive building of the Parliament. Terrific!!
I won’t forget this experience: it was unique.

This stay in Romania (11th to 20th March) brought me a lot of things. It was a real and a nice adventure.
Indeed, from the first day of my arrival in Pitesti I was accommodated at a host family with a friend from my school. Of course, I had to adapt myself to a new lifestyle and to a new rhythm of life.
The activities and the outings we made with the other students allowed me to get acquainted with new people and to know about the culture and the language of the other people. It was pleasant.
This trip allowed me to grow up and to become more independent. But it allowed me also to start new friendships.
It was amazing and so cool!

This project was very interesting and enriching for myself because it was about an important issue and it allowed me to exchange with amazing people. Indeed, during this project, which includes four nationalities, we met other people, other personalities, and each one more beautiful than the last. We weaved unique links. Moreover, I discovered magnificent landscapes and very different from those of Martinique. I loved the visit of the Bran Castle, which gave off a strong energy, and the visit of Brasov which is a beautiful place with The Black Church. The pottery workshop was very good because my partner was a nice Portuguese. I loved to discover new cultures, that is, dishes, dances, songs, and traditional masks. Although I am not used to the cold, it was not unpleasant and I could enjoy this unforgettable experience.
Aurore Porsan

My trip to Romania was the best trip of my life because I was with my friends. I learnt a lot of things about new cultures, new ways of life.
My days with the Romanians were very cool. I visited a lot of nice places. It was very cold but I got used to it. There were a lot of activities to make us interact.
I particularly enjoyed the outdoor activity we had after the pottery workshop: I understood it wasn’t that difficult to communicate with other people even if we don’t share the same language.
My exchanges with the Romanian, Portuguese and Turkish friends were rich and fruitful. I learnt new things and it was great to discover a new country so far from our native place!
Ophélie Sainte-Rose

Hello, I am Marie and I was on the trip to Romania last March.
It was very interesting indeed to discover a new culture, to meet new people who changed our vision of life. It was an enriching experience. Romania is an original country with a beautiful environment specially the forests.
I also could visit Dracula’s castle .It was weird to walk in this well-known place which has inspired so many films and series. But fortunately, we didn’t come upon Count Dracula… Maybe he was sleeping in his coffin, ah ah …
The Brasov monument was worth visiting as well!
Travelling to Romania was definitely a way to broaden our minds and open up to the world…
Marie Lebel

Dear Friends,
My name is Jessie. For me this trip to Romania was very interesting. Indeed it was the first time I have travelled so far away from my island of Martinique. It was very rewarding. I learned about new cultures, new traditions.
I mostly learned to live in community with people I did not know before and what‘s more people from different nationalities.
For me it was a great experience and I would not hesitate to start again even if it was very cold! We had a nice glimpse from the sky because just the night before we left, we felt “real snow “falling directly on our heads.
Jessie Murat

Hello everybody, this is Doriane.
This Journey was a an enriching experience for me, through all the things I discovered and to learnt.It allowed me to acquire some knowledge concerning Romania and its culture as well as traditions (dances, music and historical monuments ). I could also taste Romanian highly-rated
It was also a good opportunity and to practise my English. I particularly enjoyed this week spent with my friends the teachers as well; I also shared moments with other students and this allowed me to learn to know more about them. Finally, this was an extraordinary moment for my first steps outside Martinique. I was thrilled and if I could do it again I won’t hesitate one second.
Thanks to you ALL,
Doriane Perricaud

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